ITHM is the Academic face of the leader in tourism industry in Pakistan – The TDCP. The learning methodology at ITHM Rawalpindi is inspired by international industry standards, not only in classroom training, but in grooming the professionals with a close eye on international market requirements. Starting with short courses in areas like basic skill development, personality grooming, software & IT skills, and language skills, to Certificate and Diploma courses in Culinary, Food & Beverages, Front Office, Hotel Management, Travel & Tourism and a scores of other related areas. We are so confident of our graduates’ training and grooming at ITHM, we shall be proud to place them for internship in renowned hospitality outlets around the world At ITHM Rawalpindi, we have carefully configured our programmes in close collaboration with the industry to help roll out well-groomed, multi-skilled masters. Recognized by TEVTA, our diploma programmes are definitely a leap forward in professional category in the fastest growing Hospitality industry in Pakistan. Besides gaining theoretical knowledge through classroom lectures, these diploma programmes comprise visits to the top industry locations, as well as internships, at some of the renowned hospitality service providers in the country.


To create a better world through education, integrity, and cultural understanding.


To create hospitality excellence through thorough education and practical learning.


To orient programs for students that meet industry requirements.