Course objective

  • The focus of course content is on the supervisory and management skills required by a Hospitality professional related to food industry. It also covers enhancement of soft skills of trainees to perform his responsibilities and role in a befitting manner. This course will provide potential employment in National and Multinational companies. It also provide carrier path to make your resume more attractive to potential employment. It will provide jobs as crew member, waiters, operational shift in charge etc.

Why study in TDCP ITHM:

    • Industrial linkages
    • Ensuring job placement
    • Learn from experts with practical industrial exposure.
    • Extra workshop during classes.

Duration: 3 Months
Eligibility: Matric or above


Trade Name

Food & Beverage Division

Course Duration

3 Months ( 1 Month Theory and 2 Months Internship)

Total Training Hours

180 Hours

Training Hours/Day

3 Hours per day / 5 Days in week


Matric or above

Training Methodology

60% Theory & 40% Practical

Medium of Instruction

English &Urdu

Course Outline

      1. Workplace hygiene
      2. Personal Hygiene
      3. Soft skills
      4. Life skills
      5. Daily activities
      6. Restaurant maintenance
      7. Setup for the restaurant
      8. Communication skills
      9. Table service
  1. Order taking
  2. Manual handling
  3. Team building & decision making
  4. Business development
  5. Leadership skills
  6. Technology handling
  7. Food & Beverages Services
  8. Basic first aid and emergency services

Lecture Details

Restaurant Server

      • Set Up the Restaurant for Service
      • Stock and Maintain Side Stations
      • Fold Napkins
      • Prepare Breads and Bread Baskets or Trays
      • Prepare Service Trays
      • Take Restaurant Reservations
      • Work Efficiently
      • Greet and Seat Guests
      • Approach the Table
      • Provide Appropriate Service for Children
      • Lift and Carry Trays, Bus Tubs, or Dish Racks
      • Serve Water
      • Check Ids of Guests Ordering Alcohol
      • Take Beverage Orders
      • Process Beverage Orders
      • Prepare and Serve Coffee
  • Prepare and Serve Hot Tea
  • Prepare and Serve Iced Tea
  • Prepare and Serve Hot Chocolate
  • Take Food Orders
  • Serve Bread and Butte
  • Prepare Ice Buckets
  • Serve Wine or Champagne by the Bottle
  • Serve the Meal
  • Check Back to the Table
  • Respond to Dissatisfied Guests
  • Maintain Tables
  • Sell After-Dinner Items
  • Prepare Takeout Items
  • Present the Guest Check
  • Settle Guest Checks and Thank Guests
  • Clear and Reset Tables

Room Service Attendant

          • Perform Beginning-of- Shift Duties
          • Preset Room Service Tray and Carts
          • Process Express Breakfast Orders
          • Deliver VIP Amenities
          • Use the Point of-Sale Equipment
          • Take and Record Room Service Orders
          • Handle Special Room Service Requests
          • Place the Room Service Order
          • Perform Pantry Prep for Room Service Orders
          • Prepare Coffee
          • Prepare hot Chocolate
          • Prepare Ice Tea
          • Prepare Hot Tea
          • Set Up Bottled Wine or Champagne for Service
          • Assemble the Beverage Order and Food condiments
          • Pick Up the Room Service Orde
          • Deliver the Room Service Order
          • Serve the Room Service Order
  • Serve Coffee or Hot Tea
  • Check IDs
  • Open and Serve Wine or Champagne
  • Present and settle the Guest Check
  • Retrieve Tray and Carts
  • Close Out the Guest Check
  • Follow Up With Guest
  • Respond to Dissatisfied Guests
  • Clear Reset Trays and Carts
  • Handle Soiled Room service Linens
  • Set Up Portable Bars in Suites or Guestrooms
  • Set Up and Serve Small Group Dinners and Receptions
  • Set UP and Serve Small Buffet Banquets
  • Set Up and Serve Coffee Breaks
  • Maintain Room Service Side Stations
  • Pick Up and Restock Room Service Supplies
  • Perform Closing Shift Duties
  • Make Shift Deposit and Collect Due-Backs
  • Use the Room Service Logbook