Grand Diploma in Culinary Arts

Duration 9 months

  • 6 months training on campus
  • 3 months internship off-campus

Our Grand Diploma will enable the students to master basic to advanced culinary techniques which will make them handle any style of cuisine and pastry. During these 9 months students will be taught different cooking styles which will train them to perform in professional kitchens in leading hotels and restaurants. Students will also be taught how to manage professional kitchens which will further help them to excel in the culinary world and also make them capable of running their own restaurants.
Throughout the culinary world, French culinary standards are followed and here at ITHM the students will be trained following those international standards. The students will learn French techniques in cuisine and pastry both which will broaden their skill, which will help them in competing in the International market.
Furthermore, this diploma will be focusing on cuisine, which will enable the student to tackle recipes from around the world and pastry which will enable you to make baked products from different cuisines both savory and sweet. The Grand Diploma is divided into 2 parts. For the first part the students will train on campus where our highly trained Chefs will teach through demonstration, where they will teach each recipe through a detailed method, followed by a practical where each student will individually recreate all that has been taught in our culinary laboratory.