Course objective

  • The focus of course content is on the supervisory and management skills required by a Hospitality professional related to the Housekeeping department. It also covers enhancement of soft skills of trainees to perform his responsibilities and role in a befitting manner. This course will provide potential employment in National and Multinational companies. It also provide carrier path to make your resume more attractive to potential employment. It will provide jobs as crew member, Room attendant, Housekeeping supervisor, Housekeeping Manager, operational shift in charge etc.

Why study in TDCP ITHM:

    • Industrial linkages
    • Ensuring job placement
    • Learn from experts with practical industrial exposure.
    • Extra workshop during classes.

Duration: 3 Months
Eligibility: Matric or above


Trade Name


Course Duration

3 Months ( 1 Month Theory and 2 Months Internship)

Total Training Hours

180 Hours

Training Hours/Day

3 Hours per day / 5 Days in week


Matric or above

Training Methodology

60% Theory & 40% Practical

Medium of Instruction

English &Urdu

Course Outline

Bell Attendant

  • Use the bell stand Telephone System
  • Use the Facsimile Machine
  • Use the Photocopy Machine
  • Follow the Property’s Posting Positions
  • Maintain the Bell Stand Logbook and Frontsheet
  • Load and Transport Luggage and Other Articles
  • Provide Door Service for Guests 6.1.8 Use the Guest Information Directory
  • Assist in rooming Guests
  • Assist Guests at Check-Out
  • Provide Storage for Guest Luggage
  • Show Rooms to Potential Guests and Check Rooms for Occupancy
  • Process Room Changes
  • Perform Errands
  • Arrange for or Hail Taxis for Guests
  • Process and Deliver Mail, Messages, Facsimiles, or Packages
  • Provide Valet Parking
  • Deliver Express Check-out packets to Guests
  • Deliver Morning Newspapers to Guests
  • Process Guest Laundry
  • Deliver Guest Service Equipment and Supplies to Guestrooms
  • Arrange for Services requested by Guests
  • Handle Guest Service Problems
  • Assist with Luggage for Group Arrivals and Departures
  • Perform Upkeep on Courtesy Vehicles
  • Report Courtesy Vehicle Accidents
  • Provide Courtesy Transportation
  • Arrange Limousine Service
  • Operate Property Equipment
  • Maintain an Inventory of Keys
  • Use pagers, Two-way Radios, and Public Address System
  • Set Up, Maintain, and Take down a continental Breakfast
  • Prepare Coffee
  • Process Lost and Found Items
  • Prepare Maps and Provide Directions
  • Clean the Lobby, Entrance, Bell Stand, and Luggage Carts
  • Update the Function Reader Board
  • Restock the Lobby Brochure Racks
  • Respond to Situations Requiring First Aid
  • Respond to Emergency Alarms

Room Attendant

  • Use your Room Assignment Sheet
  • Get Guest Amenities for Assigned Rooms
  • Get Cleaning Supplies for Assigned Rooms
  • Keep your Cart and Work Areas Organized
  • Enter the Guestroom
  • Prepare the Guestroom for Cleaning
  • Begin to Clean the Bathroom
  • Clean the Tub and Shower Area
  • Clean the Toilet
  • Clean the Sink and Vanity
  • Clean the Bathroom Floor
  • Finish Cleaning the Bathroom
  • Clean the Guestroom closet
  • Make the Bed
  • Dust the Guestroom
  • Replenish Supplies and Amenities
  • Clean Windows, Track, and Sills
  • Put Finishing touches on the Guestroom
  • Vacuum the Guestroom and Report Room Status
  • Exit the Guestroom
  • Correct Cleaning Problems Found During Inspection
  • Complete End-of-Shift Duties
  • Rotate and Flip Mattresses
  • Set Up or Remove Special Guest Service Equipment
  • Clean Multi-Room Guest Suites
  • Provide Evening Turn-Down Services

Public Space Cleaner

  • Follow the Public Space Daily Assignment Sheet
  • Switch Tasks when Assigned Areas Are in Use
  • Prepare Public Space Cleaning Carts
  • Transport Soiled Linens to the Laundry
  • Clean HVAC Grates and Vents
  • Prepare Trash for Recycling
  • Empty and Clean Public Trash Cans
  • Move Furniture
  • Sweep Hard Floors
  • Mop Hard Floors
  • Use a Buffer Machine
  • Clean and Wax Tile Floors
  • Remove Strains from Tile Floors
  • Clean and Wax Hardwood and Parquet Floor
  • Vacuum Carpets
  • Clean, Seal, and Wax Marble Surfaces
  • Clean and Seal Concrete Floor
  • Steam-Extract Carpets
  • Remove Stains from Carpets or Fabric Upholstery
  • Vacuum Fabric and Upholstered Furniture
  • Steam-Extract Fabric Upholstery
  • Clean Walls and Base boards
  • Clean Mirrors and Dust Furnishing
  • Clean Doors
  • Clean and Polish Brass
  • Clean Windows, Tracks, Sills, and Screens
  • Clean Blinds
  • Clean, Straighten, Remove and Rehang Drapes
  • Clean Fireplaces
  • Clean Chandeliers, Light Fixtures, and Ceiling Fans
  • Take Clean Linens to Housekeeping closets
  • Clean Housekeeping Closets
  • Throw Away Housekeeping Trash
  • Receive, Process, and Store Housekeeping Deliveries
  • Rotate and Flip Mattresses
  • Clean Vending and Ice Machines and Surrounding Areas
  • Empty and Clean Public Ash Urns
  • Clean and Sanitize Public Drinking Fountains
  • Clean Stairwells, Handrails, Fire Corridors, and Ledges
  • Clean Elevators
  • Clean Escalators
  • Clean Public Telephone Areas
  • Clean and Restock Public and Employee Rest Rooms
  • Clean Coat Check Areas
  • Clean the Front Office and Lobby Area
  • Clean the Guest Library and Business Center
  • Clean Floors and Empty Trash in Shops and Game rooms
  • Clean Food and Beverage Outlets
  • Clean and Supply Guest Exercise Facilities
  • Clean and Supply the Pool and changing rooms
  • Clean Public Space in Unusual Environments or Circumstances
  • Clean Sidewalks and Parking Lot Areas
  • Clean Main Housekeeping Office and Storage Areas
  • Clean Employee Cafeteria and Break Areas
  • Clean Executive and Administration Offices

Laundry Attendant

  • Sort Linens and Uniforms
  • Pretreat and/ or Rewash Heavily Soiled Items
  • Load, Use, and Unload Washers
  • Load, Use, and Unload Dryers
  • Iron Linens Using a Mechanical Flatwork Ironer
  • Use Mechanical Linen-Folding Equipment
  • Fold Linens by Hand
  • Iron Laundry by Hand
  • Mend and Sew Linens and/ or Uniforms
  • Clean and Maintain Work Areas
  • Fill Banquet and Restaurant Linen Requisitions
  • Deliver Guest Service Supplies to Guestrooms
  • Process Contract-Cleaned Linens and Uniforms
  • Issue and Receive Employee Uniforms
  • Restock Housekeeping Closets and Carts
  • Provide Tower Service to Recreation Areas