Diploma in Culinary Arts

Duration 6 months

  • 3 months training on campus
  • 3 months internship off-campus

Diploma in Culinary Arts consist of a variety of cuisines that will be taught with detailed emphasis on method and explanation of cooking techniques. During these 6 months the student will be well trained to deal with a professional kitchen set-up, where they will be able to easily work and achieve all the milestones a professional chef faces. At ITHM the students will further gain knowledge and skill regarding French Culinary Arts which is the epitome of technique related to cooking.
This will give the students a deep insight on how the cuisine of modern dat developed and it will enable them to produce products that will meet international standards. Furthermore, this diploma will be focusing on cuisine, which will enable the student to tackle recipes from around the world and pastry which will enable you to make baked products from different cuisines both savory and sweet. This diploma is divided into two parts. The first three months, students will be trained on campus through demonstrations carried out by our Chef’s and then the student will be given a chance to reproduce the same recipes in our culinary laboratory. The next three months will be of internship where the students will work in leading hotels and restaurants to gain professional experience.