Cooking is not just a chore, it’s an art and ITHM understands that. We offer you the platform to learn and explore the world of Culinary Arts. Your hobby can be your career and ITHM makes sure that we provide you skills and knowledge that not only launch your career but make you perform exceptionally well. Culinary Arts is not an easy field, ask any restaurateur and they will tell you what a tough business it is. ITHM has designed its programs to equip you with skills required for the Culinary Arts professional world.

The long-guarded tips, recipes, and techniques are unraveled and learned in our programs. We are not limited to one cuisine; our different programs encompass a vast variety of dishes and cuisines that are the need of today’s world. Fasten your seatbelts and explore the world of Culinary Arts with ITHM.


Advanced Diploma in
Culinary Arts

2 Year Time Period
1 Year Theory + 1 Year Internship

Diploma in
Culinary Arts

1 Year Time Period
6 Months Theory + 6 Months Internship

Certificate in
Culinary Arts

6 Months Time Period
3 Months Theory + 3 Months Internship


If you have ever dreamt of being in the food industry, this is where we will train you to be the best version of yourself. Our campus will offer state-of-the-art facilities and the best culinary laboratory. Students will learn how to overcome challenges faced in professional kitchens or in their own culinary business.
Our highly trained chefs will be there to teach and guide the students through their culinary journey, by sharing their years of experience, traditional cooking techniques and modern ways of the culinary world. Our school will make this culinary journey a memorable one which will enable the students to tackle anything that comes their way. Our culinary laboratory offers each student individual cooking stations which will allow the students to learn their culinary skills in depth.