Why learn at

TDCP-ITHM resourced by Xenia?

Xenia School of Hospitality, Rawalpindi is now the place to go for professional learning in the fields of Tourism, Hospitality and Culinary. Fully supported and backed by Tourism Development Corporation of Punjab (TDCP), ITHM Rawalpindi is now established at Xenia’s State-of-the-Art facility in the heart of Rawalpindi’s education district – the 6th Road. The Facility is fully equipped to impart top standard of education in the domain of hospitality and culinary with multifunctional kitchen lab facilities, well-furnished class rooms and highly qualified faculty. Our courses are designed to gain skills from work-based learning including service learning opportunities and internships. A learning environment has been created whereby students can find learning another form of fun and entertainment.

At ITHM, we have carefully configured our programmes in close collaboration with the industry to help roll out well-groomed, multi-skilled masters. Recognized by TEVTA, our diploma programmes are definitely a leap forward in professional category in the fastest growing Hospitality industry in Pakistan.

Besides gaining theoretical knowledge through classroom lectures, these diploma programmes comprise visits to the top industry locations, as well as internships, at some of the renowned hospitality service providers in the country. So be at Xenia to get yourself acquainted with one of the most modern Hospitality schools our country has ever seen and get the feel of a reality never imagined by anyone before.


To create a better world through education, integrity, and cultural understanding.


To create hospitality excellence through thorough education and practical learning.


To orient programs for students that meet industry requirements.

Why Skills Are Important?

Today’s professional learning is all about skill development. It helps you get new and knowledge-based perspectives on the world around you. It helps you gain new experiences, trains your brain to handle a wide range of challenges. New streams of income are increasingly becoming very important, especially now that most economies of the world are facing financial hardships. You’ll find it hard to achieve your career goals without continuing to learn and flexing your professional muscles. You won’t be able to stay ahead of competitors without learning something they haven’t.

Our Values

Our Benchmark We strive to maintain our international benchmark. Education Component We maintain a strong general education component. Making Entrepreneurs We strive to give our graduates the confidence to start their own businesses. Thorough Knowledge at Less Cost We strive to provide innovative programs at a reduced cost. Producing Competent Graduates We strive to educate our graduates in the foundational skills to appear as competent.